The Egg Donor Process

The Egg Donor Process

If you’ve passed the egg donor requirements and have been selected to donate your eggs, congratulations! You’re about to experience the giving of a gift that will change lives and can have a positive ripple effect for generations. The process of becoming an egg donor will take about 3 months from beginning to end, and it all begins with filling out an application on the Simple Steps Fertility website. Qualified potential donors will continue with a follow-up interview to chat more about the process itself to confirm that you’re a good fit for our agency.

The actual egg donation process itself can vary in length and complexity depending on a few factors that our team will discuss with you. The first stages of the process will involve several comprehensive screenings: physical, psychological, hormonal, and genetic.

Qualified donors that match with an intended parent will begin the egg donation process with birth control pills. Various sonograms and blood tests will take place after these initial treatments to monitor your progress and ensure that everything is going smoothly. If all is going to plan, you’ll receive one final injection and then the actual egg retrieval procedure itself will take place.

The Application Process

Egg Donation is a rewarding and fulfilling process that allows young, unique, generous women to help couples struggling with infertility.

It is important to have a strong sense of commitment and dedication to helping change the lives of others when considering to be an Egg Donor. Being dependable and having a strong sense of integrity is essential to this process!

In order for the Egg Donor to begin screening they must be matched with a recipient couple. The process is anonymous however, the recipient couple with permission from the Donor is allowed to see a few photos and read their personal profile. This includes questions about history, health, interested, grades, siblings, genetics and medical information without any identifiers.