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Why Choose Simple Steps Fertility?

Whether you’re looking to become a surrogate mother or benefit from the safest, highest quality fertility treatments available: Simple Steps Fertility can help. From concierge third party reproduction services, to comprehensive egg donor facilitation, to 24 hour nursing support that gently guides you through ART treatment – we’re a discreet and friendly team that’s excited to join you on your next chapter! Above all, we stand out from other fertility agencies thanks to our experience and compassion that will leave you looking back fondly on this journey for the rest of your life.

Our Surrogate Program

Interested in giving the gift of gestational surrogacy to a family who needs help? Your generous act will be incredibly emotionally and financially rewarding. Simple Steps Fertility will support you every step of the way. Simple Steps Fertility is unique among agencies, in that we pre-screen all surrogates before their meeting with the intended parents.

Our Egg Donor Program

Whether you’re looking to donate your eggs or receive eggs from a donor, our medical care and comprehensive screening ensures a gentle, high-quality experience from beginning to end. With Simple Steps Fertility, you can trust that the egg donation process will be a smooth one. And thanks to 24 hour personalized nursing care — something that no other agency can boast — we make your donor journey a safe and pleasant one.

Third Party Reproduction

For families looking to find the perfect surrogate or egg donor, Simple Steps Fertility can utilize stringent screening methods and a holistic approach to the surrogacy / egg donor process that’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of… and more. When you include the fact that we only work with double board certified physicians and offer personal nurses to our patients, Simple Steps becomes the clear choice for your third party reproduction needs.



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Simple Steps Fertility is one of the premier egg donor and surrogacy agencies in the United States, and strives to provide an exceptional and professional environment from beginning to end.

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