Become a Surrogate

We’re Not Like Other Surrogacy Agencies

Simple Steps Fertility is a surrogacy agency dedicated to an exceptional experience for both the expectant family as well as the surrogate. We strive to create a comprehensive experience for everyone involved that leaves you feeling supported and cared for every single step of the way.

From monthly educational seminars, to top tier nursing support and psychological care, Simple Steps Fertility is committed to fostering a warm and secure environment that makes your journey of surrogacy as rewarding as possible.

Becoming a surrogate mother is an incredible, generous, and life-affirming experience to go through. While the pay of a surrogate mother is substantial and can be a major factor in choosing to go through this process, most surrogates also feel a noble calling to help others for whom fertility was simply not in the cards. Your path starts by filling out our surrogacy application and meeting with our team. There are certain qualifications that we require in order for you to become a surrogate, so we’ll need to make sure that you meet a few initial criteria.

Surrogacy Screening

Gestational Surrogacy is a true act of service and generosity. It is an opportunity for a mother to positively impact a couple’s destiny. It takes a special woman to become a Gestational Surrogate. The first step for a mother is to meet the initial requirements recommended by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.

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