Interested in becoming an egg donor?

At Simple Steps Fertility, we make sure that you are informed and guide you through the entire process.

✅ We provide 24 Hour nursing support including a personal nurse who can answer any questions you have

✅ Exclusively works with double board-certified physicians that are experts in their field

✅ Donors can get paid up to $60,000 which accrues as they continue donating if they have successful cycles

✅ We pay for mileage, travel and living expenses.

How Do I Donate My Eggs?

To begin this process please fill out the form below and become an Egg Donor Candidate. 

One of our experience clinical coordinators will call you to review all the requirements and the screening criteria. During this process you will understand the beautiful gift that you are passing on to other women in this world. Being an egg donor is truly an uplifting, gracious and generous gift. There are few acts of kindness that can make the difference that you are making for another couple.

Step One

Are you a good Candidate for Egg Donation?

All Donors will go through a screening process to ensure they are healthy enough for this journey. Your health and safety are a priority for us. Here are some questions that you can ask yourself as you decide if you are a true candidate.

1. Am I 21 to 29 years old?
2. Am I physically and mentally healthy? Do I have any genetic disorders?
3. Are my family members in good health? Do they have any genetic disorders?
4. Am I smoke and drug free?
5. Did I get a tattoo or piercing in the last 6 months ?
6. Do I have a sexually transmitted disease in the last year?
7. Do I get regular periods?
8. Can I give myself an injection?

Step Two

The Match

The Donor cycle does not begin until the Egg Donor is selected by an Intended Parent to cycle. An Intended Parent looks through a database filled with Donor profiles when considering a Donor. The Donor profile includes a few photos and information about the donors medical history, family background, history, grades, goals, hobbies, work experience, and personality traits. Once the match is completed the Donor begins the screening process.

Step Three

The Screening Process

All Donors will need to be screened to ensure they are healthy enough to go through an Egg Donor Cycle. At no cost to you your physical and mental health will be screened. This includes testing for general health, genetics, and fertility. You will learn a great deal amount of information about your own general health and fertility potential at no cost.

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