Surrogacy is an emotional journey for both the intended parents and the surrogate. Most intended parents that reach this final stage of third party reproduction have already gone through the difficult road of their infertility treatment. They have probably completed several rounds of in-vitro fertilization and intrauterine inseminations or experienced illness and miscarriage. Additionally, for some families in the LGBTQ community or for single Intended Parents they may need a surrogate to begin their families.

Simple steps Questions to ask are:

How do I choose the right agency for my journey?

It is important to do some research and make sure that your agency has experience and knowledge about the third party cycle. An agency that has been around for many years has passed the test of time. They may have the experience to help plan out a journey that is more smooth, efficient and timely. Having a nurse on staff can provide that extra layer of support to help bridge the gap between the Clinic, Intended Parents and the Agency.

Agency Checklist for Intended Parents:

  1. Has the Agency been working for many years? Do they have adequate expertise?
  2. Does the Agency have any clinical knowledge of third party reproduction?
  3. Does the Agency have up to date information about the requirements for surrogacy?
  4. Does the Agency follow ethical and legal procedures?
  5. Does the Agency have up to date information about FDA requirements?
  6. What Services do you Provide?
  7. Screening service on Egg Donors, Surrogates, and Intended Parents
  8. Matching Services
  9. Social Services/ Counseling Support
  10. Resources for Single Parents or LGBTQ Community
  11. Coordination of fertility treatment
  12. Legal Support/ recommendations to top experts in the field

What is the Screening Process for Surrogate Candidates?

As an agency accepts new surrogate candidates and they are prepared for a match, what internal process the candidates have to go through. It is expensive to send all candidates for a medical screen with the Reproductive Endocrinologist. It can be very helpful for an Agency to conduct a layer of prescreening to help Intended Parents select healthy, qualified candidates.

An example of this process is the following:

  1. Initial interview with our nursing team to ensure eligibility.
  2. Nursing staff will request and review all medical records for deliveries and prenatal care.
  3. OBGYN Clearance letter
  4. Up to date blood work for general health and infectious disease.
  5. Background check.

An Agency will help the Intended Parents go through the different screening phases prior to starting a cycle:

  1. Medical Screen
  2. Psychological Evaluation
  3.  Legal Counsel for Contract

It is important to work with a team that is working with experts in the field that can provide up to date and accurate information especially when legal contracts are concerned. Ask for a list of potential partners for legal support and psychological evaluations.

How do you handle emergencies?

Lastly, with all the moving parts in third party reproduction the Agency becomes the quarterback.The center of all communication and scheduling. It is important that the Agency ensures open communication between the Intended Parents, the Clinic, the Legal Team and the Surrogate. Having tools and protocols to handle emergencies and difficulties is essential.

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Finding the right fit can be quite difficult, especially if this is your first time meeting with a team. As this is a big decision to make, taking all the time you need to make those decisions and asking the right questions is imperative. We are here for you whenever you make that choice. Simple Steps Fertility is a unique boutique agency that was founded by a nurse practitioner with years of experience. We are not just an agency but an infertility support center that will help take care for everything from A to Z.