The FDA requires that each Donor undergoes the screening process to become eligible for Egg Donation. The process includes the following steps:

  1. Medical Screen with a Reproductive Endocrinologist
  2. Psychological Evaluation
  3. Genetic Counseling and Carrier testing
  4. Legal Contract

The medical screen with a Reproductive Endocrinologist can help numerous benefits right away. It is very expensive to be screened by a Reproductive Endocrinologist and as an egg donor this is all complimentary for you. The REI is a specialized medical doctor that can identify reproductive issues for women that are trying to conceive. Sometimes young women do not know they have an issue since they are not trying to conceive. Having this information can give you choices and an opportunity to plan for the future to avoid having issues conceiving for your own children. A medical screen consists of the following:

  1. Consultation
  2. Physical Exam
  3. Pelvic Ultrasound
  4. General Health Screening
  5. Infectious Disease Screening
  6. Fertility Potential
  7. Genetic Carrier Testing

The general health screen usually comprises checking your thyroid, vitamin D, and a complete blood count. Knowing if you suffer from any of these issues will help you get the treatment that you need. Many women are walking around with anemia or hypothyroidism and they have no idea.

The Pelvic Ultrasound that will identify the reproductive organs will be able to help identify any reproductive issues such as fibroids, adhesions or small ovaries. In conjunction with the labs that check for your fertility potential you can know where you are in your reproductive age. The blood test checks for anti mullerian hormone that will help you indirectly identify your ovaries reproductive potential. Are you losing eggs faster than someone else your own age? This way you can decide if you are a candidate for Egg Freezing.